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Barista Attitude Pilot Espresso Machine Cleared for Takeoff

Barista Attitude Pilot front

A Barista Attitude Pilot machine. All images courtesy of Barista Attitude.

A new commercial single-boiler espresso machine from Italy-based Barista Attitude is taxiing onto specialty coffee runways.

Joining the Tempesta and Storm espresso machines in the Barista Attitude product portfolio, the Barista Attitude Pilot made its first public flight at the World of Coffee trade show last month in Athens, Greece.

The new machine maintains much of the outward styling of the Tempesta and Storm models while offering simplified interior components and a more straightforward user experience for baristas.

Barista Attitude Storm 2

A Barista Attitude Storm model.

The Pilot features the same touchscreen design as on the Tempesta and the same ergonomically convenient group activation button as on the Tempesta and Storm, yet key settings for aspects such as preinfusion and extraction are designed to be quickly and easily adjustable. 

Users can adjust the universal brew water temperature heated by the Pilot’s heat-exchanger system, as well as the volume of water delivered in phases to individual groups. Two water delivery profiles can be programmed per group, or a single profile can be programmed across all groups from one interface, while the pressure remains consistent.

Barista Attitude Pilot back

The backside of the Barista Attitude Pilot.

“With Pilot you can have an extraordinary pressure stability,” Cinzia Pietrobon, brand and product manager of Barista Attitude, told Daily Coffee News. “Pilot is a single-boiler machine so you don’t have the pressure profiles, but you can set the time water comes in contact with the coffee cake, and the duration water is in contact before extraction with standard pressure.”

The Pilot is also slightly more compact than other Barista Attitude machines, with insulated steam wands mounted on the front of the machine instead of the sides.

Barista Attitude parent company Ryoma rolled out the Tempesta in Europe in 2017. At the time the machine was branded as the Astoria Storm, and its design was attributed to the engineers at Ryoma-owned equipment company CMA Industrial Technologies.

Barista Attitude Tempesta

A Barista Attitude Tempesta model. Barista Attitude was an official equipment sponsor at the 2023 World Coffee Championships in Athens. 

As distribution expanded internationally and new models followed, Barista Attitude was established as the overarching brand behind all Tempest, Storm and now Pilot models. 

Barista Attitude’s “Super Dry” system assists in creating precise foam for milk drinks on the Pilot. The machine also features the same adjustable drip tray, dimmable barista lights and custom filter baskets as other machines, and it can also be connected via wifi to Barista Attitude’s cloud-based “Beans2Cloud” telemetry platform.

Sales of the Barista Attitude Pilot are slated to launch in the United States beginning in January 2024. The MSRP has not been disclosed. 

Barista Attitude Storm

A Barista Attitude Storm model.

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