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The Hario Pegasus Manual Brewer Takes Flight

Hario Pegasus 02 dripper

A Hario Pegasus brewer, size 02. All images courtesy of Hario.

Japanese coffee equipment maker Hario has launched the Pegasus, a manual pourover brewer that applies the signature interior elements of the flagship V60 cone brewer to a “flat-bottom” conical brewer.

Available now in Japan and rolling out soon to Hario’s international subsidiaries, the Pegasus brewer is not Hario’s first trapezoidal brewer, but it is the only one currently in production, and it’s the first to include the V60’s hallmark 24 spiraling interior ridges.

The ridges are designed to prevent paper from adhering to the wall while providing a distinctive path for filtered brew to drain after water is poured in a spiral technique.

Hario Pegasus 02

As compared to the purely conical V60 — which supports a pointy-bottomed filter through a single, larger hole — the Pegasus results in a slower brew through two relatively small holes beneath the filter wedge. The Pegasus shape resembles that of the iconic Melitta coffee filter and brewer shape, where a round top tapers down to a straight wedged bottom.

Hario told Daily Coffee News that the combination of features aims to balance the versatility of the V60 with the consistency and ease associated with straight-bottomed conical brewers. 

Hario Pegasus brewe 02

A Hario Pegasus 02

“The V60 dripper is known for its wide range of flavor profiles, ranging from light to bold,” the company told Daily Coffee News via email. “On the other hand, the Pegasus dripper is characterized by its consistent flavor adjustments and the ability to enjoy a rich taste.”

The Pegasus launched with clear AS plastic resin construction in three different sizes, the larger two featuring fill lines for recommended quantities of ground coffee. A line of white and unbleached paper filters for the Pegasus is also launching now. Pricing for the brewers and filters in the United States has not yet been set.

Hario Pegasus 03

The Pegasus 03

The Pegasus adds to a steady flow of coffee brewing products launched by Hario in recent years. Two years ago, there came a variety of brewers designed in collaboration with competive baristas. Two new electronic items, the Mugen Coffee Maker and a new Electric Siphon, were unveiled earlier this year. And at the SCA Expo in Portland, the company showed off the Hario Baton line of upcycled bioplastic coffee brewing products and an ultralight travel-oriented line called Zebrang.

With the Pegasus, Hario seeks to provide a workhorse of a brewer that gives users the figurative wings to elevate their brewing skills. 

Hario Pegasus 01 dripper

A Hario Pegasus 01 dripper.

“We envision this dripper to be positioned as an introductory tool for customers to appreciate and enjoy the V60 in the future,” Hario told DCN. “To achieve this, we have developed a flat-bottom dripper specifically designed for beginners. Incorporating the functionality of the V60, we have consciously made it even easier for beginners to enjoy hand-brew coffee.”

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