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Weekly Coffee News: Brazilian Naturals, 2023 International Coffee Convention, and More

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Brazil Coffee Tour” by baristahoon is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Brazilian Naturals Making Way Into Premium Markets

A report from Reuters this week outlined a sea change in commodities coffee trading, with at least five traders telling the news agency that natural-process coffees from Brazil are being used to settle premium washed arabica contracts. According to the Reuters report, “Brazil’s coffee exporters association Cecafe confirmed these beans were now being included in exchange stocks, saying it was in recognition of their improved taste and quality.” DCN will have more on this story.

2023 International Coffee Convention Coming to Germany

The International Coffee Convention will take place Sept. 30-Oct. 3 in Mannheim, Germany. The event brings together roasters, farmers, traders, manufacturers and other professionals to address issues throughout the coffee industry. Topics to be discussed include the role of biodiversity in sustainable farming, novel food regulations and climate change.

Christine Barone Named Dutch Bros CEO

Drive-through coffee chain Dutch Bros this week named Christine Barone CEO. Barone will be taking the place of Joth Ricci starting Jan. 1. Barone has held leadership roles at Starbucks and True Food Kitchen before becoming president of Dutch Bros last November.

Whittier College Students Create Brand for Campus-Grown Coffee

Students at Whittier College in California have brewed up a business proposal and coffee brand by the name of Greenleaf Coffee, Whittier Daily News reports. Ian Hyland and Olivia Esparza were the winners of a campus-wide competition for the new brand, and coffees come from an orchard on campus. The coffee will be roasted and packaged through a partnership with San Francisco Bay Coffee Company.

Fiction Coffee Opens at Common Desk Co-Working in Irving, Texas

Dallas-based co-working space provider Common Desk has opened a new location in Irving, Texas, with a lounge featuring in-house coffee brand Fiction Coffee. The location is at Canal Centre in Las Colinas. Common Desk rebranded Method Coffee as Fiction Coffee after acquiring the coffee business in 2017.

Closed Philz Coffee Location Owned by Founder’s Son

After the announcement that the original Philz Coffee in the Mission District of San Francisco was closing due to a decision not to renew the lease, a new report from Mission Local shows that the building is actually owned by an LLC belonging to a co-owner of the company, Jacob Jaber. Jacob Jaber is the son of Philz Coffee Founder Phil Jaber, who previously operated a convenience store at the location.

Sōvda User-Testing New Precision Silo (Plus)

Coffee equipment maker Sōvda is having users in North America test its Precision Silo (Plus), designed to weigh coffee at fast speeds. The Oregon-based company launched a compact weigh-and-fill bagging machine last year called the Precision Fill Mini.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Starts Coffee Company

Actor Cole Hauser from Yellowstone is entering the coffee world with a new company called Free Rein. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the group purchased Texas-based Longhorn Coffee Co. last year.

Kaldi Company Gets Regulatory Approval for ‘Kaldicoin’

Kaldi Company has received regulatory approval in the Isle of Man for its new digital currency called Kaldicoin. Kaldi Company developed KaldiMarket, a green coffee sales platform that utilizes blockchain technology. The platform uses Kaldicoin as its native currency.

Coffee Grounds Recycling Project Shifts into Gear in Glasgow

Jenny Graham, the fastest woman to circle the earth on a bicycle, is backing a coffee recycling initiative in conjunction with the 2023 UCI World Cycling Championships in Scotland. The Grounds for Recycling project will help turn ground coffee into compost to be used at the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow. More than 60 coffee venues are participating in the 20-day campaign.

ICO Releases July 2023 Global Coffee Market Report

The International Coffee Organization (ICO) has released its latest monthly Coffee Market Report. The ICO Composite Indicator Price lost 7.2% from June, averaging $1.7125 per pound. Global green bean exports in June totaled 9.39 million bags, down 6.7% from 10.06 million bags in the same month last year.

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