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The Winners of the 2023 World Coffee Championships in Athens

World Barista Champion Boram Um 2023

2023 World Barista Champion Boram Um competing in Athens, Greece. All images courtesy of the Specialty Coffee Association.

Following four days of competition among 127 national champions, four new World Coffee Champions emerged last week in Athens, Greece. 

Boram Um of Brazil became the 23rd World Barista Champion, and the second ever representing South America following the 2021 win by Diego Campos. United States Barista Champion Isaiah Sheese, the owner of Archetype Coffee in Omaha, Nebraska, placed third in the event. 

2023 World Brewers Cup Champion Carlos Medina

2023 World Brewers Cup Champion Carlos Medina in Athens.

Carlos Medina of Chile took the top spot in the World Brewers Cup Championship; Young Baek of Australia is the new World Cup Tasters champion; and Pierre de Chanterac of France won the 2023 Cezve/Ibrik title. 

The competitions took place alongside the annual European World of Coffee trade show last week, produced by the global Specialty Coffee Association. The group’s three other sanctioned world coffee competitions — roasting, latte art and coffee in good spirits — are scheduled to take place this November in Taipei, Taiwan

Here are the standings from the final round of last week’s championships in Athens:

2023 World Barista Championship

2023 World Barista Championships

2023 World Barista Championship finalists.

1. Boram Um, Brazil
2. Daniele Ricci, Italy
3. Jack Simpson, Australia
4. Isaiah Sheese, United States
5. Dawn Chan, Hong Kong
6. Patrik Rolf, Denmark

2023 World Brewers Cup

2023 World Brewers Cup finalists

2023 World Brewers Cup finalists.

1. Carlos Medina, Chile
2. Savina Giachgia, Greece
3. Garam Victor Um, Brazil
4. Luca Croce, United Kingdom
5. George Peng, China
6. Giacomo Vannelli, Italy

2023 World Cup Tasters Championship 

2023 World Cup Tasters

2023 World Cup Tasters finalists.

1. Young Baek, Australia
2. Mandie Soengkono, Indonesia
3. Andrii Vasyliev, Ukraine
4. Orestis Sfiris, Greece

Cezve/Ibrik Championship

2023 Cezve Ibrik championships

2023 World Cezve/Ibrik finalists.

1. Pierre de Chanterac, France
2. Cezara Cartes, Romania
3. Mariam Erin Pinza, United Arab Emirates
4. Dimitris Karampas, Greece


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