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Weekly Coffee News: Hybrid Variety Collection, Water White Paper, and More

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Fulcrum Coffee Roasters courtesy photo.

Fulcrum Coffee Roasters Releases Hybrid Coffee Collection

Seattle-based Fulcrum Coffee Roasters has introduced a roasted coffee collection featuring 11 coffees from Costa Rica. Going beyond the remarkable geographic focus, nine of the coffees in the Pura Vida Collection are F1 hybrid varieties. The company says the collection is designed in part to honor the work being done by Costa Rican producers in bringing new hybrid varieties to market.

Vivreau Explores How Water Impacts Coffee Aroma, Taste and Body

Water systems company Vivreau has released a white paper on the effects of tap water on coffee filtration, and how the treatment of water affects the aroma, taste and body of coffee. Among the findings is that softened water can increase bitterness, while even small amounts of chlorine can alter a coffee’s aroma in unpredictable ways.

Bottomless ‘Subscribe by Usage’ Platform Launched

A new subscription platform called Bottomless has launched with a physical scale and a “subscription by usage” model. The scale will assess when coffee is running low, then place an automatic order. Users are notified 8-12 hours before the scale initiates a new order. In an Instagram video, Onyx Coffee Lab showed the platform in practice.

Nut Milk Maker Milkadamia Launches Coffee Drink

Plant-based milk brand Milkadamia is launching its first coffee drink. The Milkadamia Coffee Latte is made with arabica coffee and comes in a 32-ounce carton. The caffeinated beverage joins the brand’s existing lineup of of macadamia nut milks, including a barista blend.

Steeped Coffee Teams Up with Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone

California-based Steeped Coffee and chef Curtis Stone have released a line of specialty coffee in Steeped’s proprietary single-serve, compostable format. The products are available exclusively through HSN. Steeped Coffee is a certified B Corp that has grown in the B2B space since launching almost six years ago.

Workers at Three Peet’s Bay Area Locations Vote to Unionize

Baristas at three Peet’s Coffee California stores in and Oakland voted in favor of unionizing earlier this week, according to a Nosh report. A day ahead of the election, the Berkeley City Council passed a resolution supporting the union drive. “Peet’s Coffee has been an integral part of Berkeley’s history and culture ever since it opened its first store on Vine Street in 1966,” the resolution stated. “The City of Berkeley has long been a supporter of workers’ rights, including the right to organize and choose to join a union.”

Seattle Musician Launches Kickstarter Campaign Featuring Coffee

Coffee professional and musician Taylor Heath has launched a Kickstarter to create an affordable studio space and provide resources for fellow artists called Friend of a Friend. The campaign may strike a chord with coffee lovers, with fresh-roasted specialty coffee and branded mugs making up some of the rewards. Heath currently works for Seattle-based espresso machine company Synesso.

Maxwell House Introduces Instant Iced Latte With Foam

Kraft Heinz’s Maxwell House has introduced a new product called “Iced Latte With Foam,” while unveiling a refreshed brand designed to appeal to younger coffee drinkers. According to an announcement from the company this week, the iconic Maxwell House tagline will be changing from “Good to the last drop” to “Live life to the last drop.”

Wendy’s Puts a Caffeinated Spin on the Frosty

Fast food giant Wendy’s has added a coffee drink to its beverage lineup. The Frosty Cream Cold Brew consists of cold-brewed coffee of undisclosed provenance, Frosty creamer and a choice of vanilla, chocolate or caramel syrup over ice.

North Edge Craft Coffee Scores FanDuel Deal

To drum up support for the United States Women’s National Team (USWNT) in its World Cup run, Pennsylvania-based North Edge Craft Coffee and online gambling company FanDuel joined forces on a limited edition blend called FanFuel Extra Kick Coffee .

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